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  • Why are some beads missing from my palette?

    There are multiple reasons why you aren't seeing a specific bead or group of beads.

    You may have told BeadTool not to display them
    1. Run BeadTool and click View->Options (BeadTool4->Preferences for Mac)
    2. Select the Palette tab.
    3. Ensure that all Types and Finishes are enabled.
    4. Click the Save button and re-check your palette.
    You may have told BeadTool not to use them when transferring photos
    1. Run BeadTool and open a Picture to transfer
    2. Click the Transfer button
    3. In the Transfer dialog, select the Filters tab
    4. Check to see if the Types and Finishes settings are impeding the use of the beads in question
    Those beads may be missing from the palette

    If you have enabled all the Types and Finishes in the first 2 scenarios and the beads are still not showing, those beads are missing.