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  • How do I email my pattern to someone?

    There are two ways to email your pattern to someone and each way depends on what you want them to do with it once it's received.

    If you just want to show them what you've created:

    1. In BeadTool, click File->Export->Pattern from the main menu
    2. Adjust the patterns properties until you get the desired image
    3. Click the Export button
    4. In the Save dialog, choose the name and type of file you want to save it to
    5. Save it to an easily accessible place (ie: your Desktop)
    6. Attach the file in an email

    Hint: PNG format gives the best quality image and JPG gives the smallest file size

    If the recipient has BeadTool and you'd like them to edit the pattern:

    1. Click the Browse button on the main toolbar
    2. Navigate to the pattern you'd like to send
    3. Right-click on the file and select the Save to option
    4. Save the file to an easily accessible place (your Desktop)
    5. Attach the file in an email