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  • How do I change the measurements of the beads?

    Changing the size of beads and patterns

    I have gone to great lengths to ensure that the sizes of the beads are correct. However, if you disagree with them, there is a solution. While you can't alter Stock palettes directly, you can make a copy of the palette and alter those measurements.

    1. Run BeadTool and click the Browse button
    2. Navigate to the Stock palette you wish to alter
    3. Drag the Stock palette to your Custom folder
    4. Navigate to the copy you just made in your Custom folder
    5. Right-click (Control Click on Mac) on that copied palette and select Properties
    6. Rename the palette to something distinct from the palette you copied to avoid confusion
    7. Click the Advanced tab and change the measurements
    8. Click OK

    Now that new copy of the palette will be available in the BeadTool Palettes list. However, it will not change the measurements of the old patterns that used the Stock palette. You will need to use the Transpose function to alter existing patterns.


    You can change the palette associated with any pattern by clicking Pattern->Transpose from the main menu. This will not always exchange each bead 1:1 .

    1. Run BeadTool and load the palette you want to transpose
    2. Click Pattern->Transpose
    3. Select your new palette in the Target Palette setting
    4. Select "Color, Type and Finish" in the Must match setting
    5. Click the Transpose button