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A collection of frequently asked questions
  • How many computers can I install BeadTool on?

    The license agreement states that the purchaser is entitled to install and activate BeadTool on up to 2 computers per purchase. Licenses are intended to be used by the original purchaser with the exception of a gift purchase.

  • How much does it cost to upgrade from version X to version 4?

    Upgrades to BeadTool 4 are $19.95 USD no matter what version you currently have a license for.

  • What is the difference between an update and an upgrade?

    Updates vs Upgrades

    I make a clear distinction between updates and upgrades. The short answer is that all updates are free while upgrades are not. All software has a version system. Here's how this system breaks down concerning BeadTool:

    BeadTool MajorVersion.MinorVersion.BugVersion .. As an example, we'll start off with version number: 4.3.2

    1. MajorVersion - Means the major version of the software (BeadTool 4).
    2. MinorVersion - This part of the version number signifies that a major improvement took place.
    3. BugVersion - This part signifies that a bug was fixed.

    An increment in the MinorVersion or BugVersion is considered an update and is always free. So if you purchase BeadTool 4.2.x you will get free updates until 4.9.x .

    An increment in the MajorVersion is the only time an upgrade is warranted. It means that I've improved the software enough to require a paid upgrade. In other words, when BeadTool 2 became BeadTool 3 and BeadTool 3 became BeadTool 4, those transitions would be considered upgrades.

  • I paid for the license or upgrade but haven't received an email yet. Why?

    Here is a list of the most common reasons:

    1. The email you entered when purchasing the upgrade is different than the one on your account.
    2. The name you used to purchase wasn't exactly the same as what's on your account here.
    3. The email could have landed in your Spam/Junk folder.
    4. If you paid with PayPal, your registration information was sent to the primary email address on your PayPal account.

    If you haven't received the email you're supposed to get after upgrading, please drop me a line so that we can get your account situated!

  • Do you mail a CD after purchasing?

    No. Issuing CDs to licensees is becoming an antiquated method of software distribution. These days, the most feasible way to distribute software is by offering a download from the vendors website.

    While you are free to burn the installer to a CD if you like, it's better to download from the website whenever you need a copy. This way you can be sure that you have the most recent version available to you.

  • Can BeadTool 4 read pattern files from previous versions?

    For the most part, yes. BeadTool 1 files are no longer supported. However, most BeadTool 2 and all BeadTool 3 files should work flawlessly.

    To import your older patterns into BeadTool 4, follow these instructions:

    1. Run BeadTool 4 and click File->Import->Multiple files
    2. Navigate to the folder you keep your older patterns in
    3. After selecting your pattern folder, you'll be presended with a list of compatible BeadTool files.
    4. Click the Import files button.

    All of your imported patterns will now be in your "My Patterns" folder in your Library.

  • Can I purchase a license as a gift for someone else?

    Yes. Click here to purchase a gift license.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Refund Policy

    Downloadable evaluation versions are always available from the website so that you may make an informed decision as to the suitability of the software for your use. Therefore, refunds will not be offered after you have activated the software on any of your computers.

    If you have mistakenly purchased twice or have not activated the software on any of your computers, a refund can be given upon request.

  • Why didn't I get an email after purchasing a license?

    The short answer is that you probably did.

    It's likely that it was automatically sent to your Spam / Junk folder - especially if you use a Yahoo or Hotmail address!

    If you paid with your PayPal account, the email was sent to the primary email address on your PayPal account.

  • Can I still upgrade if I don't currently have BeadTool installed?

    It is not necessary that you have BeadTool installed before you upgrade. If you have purchased a license in the past, you're eligible for the upgrade.

  • How long does the sofftware license last?

    License Duration

    BeadTool licenses are perpetual and do not expire. This means that you may use the version you purchased forever so long as your account remains in good standing.

    NOTE: The software periodically performs license checks. For the license check to succeed, you must be connected to the internet and allow the software network access. If the software is unable to perform the license check, your copy will become unregistered until you allow it to access the internet. The duration between license checks becomes longer as your account matures.