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A collection of frequently asked questions
  • How do I change the bead labels in the Bead Graph from letters to numbers?

    When stitching a pattern together, it's often easier to follow a Bead Graph or Word Chart that has numbers or letters that correspond to the actual bead instead of reading the whole bead number.

    If you prefer numbers (1,2,3) rather than letters (A,B,C) to represent the beads in your Bead Graph and Word Chart, you have the option of changing that.

    1. Run BeadTool
    2. Click View->Options on the main menu
    3. If you are using a Mac, click BeadTool4->Preferences on Mac)
    4. Select the Printing tab
    5. Under the Word Chart heading ensure the Use legend indexes is set to Yes
    6. Under the Bead Legend heading, change the Label type option to whatever you like
  • Why does the pattern come out all black when printed?

    BeadTool uses a template system for printing called Layouts. This allows a lot of flexibility for printing your work but adds a layer of complexity. Each template contains items that hold elements of your printout such as your pattern, word chart, images, etc. The rendering behavior of these items can be customized. A Bead Graph item in a layout can be told to render on a single page (fit) or multiple pages (dynamic).

    The layout you have chosen to print your pattern has been told to print the Bead Graph to a single page so it's trying to squish all those pattern cells into a tiny space. When BeadTool prints your Bead Graph, it also draws a border around every cell. What you end up seeing is a mess of borders instead of the contents of your pattern.

    This can easily be remedied by choosing a suitable layout for the pattern you want to print:

    1. Run BeadTool and load the pattern you want to print.
    2. Click the Preview button.
    3. In the Preview window, click the Layout button.
    4. Choose a different layout until you find one that works.
  • Why is my word chart going in the wrong direction?

    If your word charts seem to be going in the wrong direction, it's because the starting bead setting hasn't been set to your preference. To change your starting bead:

    1. Run BeadTool and click View->Options (BeadTool4->Preferences on Mac).
    2. Select the Pattern tab.
    3. Set the Starting bead option to whichever corner you are accustomed to starting from.

    Changing this setting may alter the way your Peyote patterns look. If this happens:

    1. Click Pattern->Shift
    2. Select odd or even modifier.
    3. Click either the Up or Down button.

    TIP: The starting bead option is saved inside each pattern file so if you have more patterns that have been saved prior to changing this setting, you should re-save each of those patterns.

  • What are Layouts?

    Layouts are a special kind of document that describes how your pattern, word chart, bead graph, etc should be printed. To learn how to use and create layouts, please watch the Printing video.

  • Why does nothing show up when I click the Preview button?

    BeadTool will always load the last thing you created whether it be a palette, pattern or layout.

    Most likely, the reason you see a blank preview is because you have been playing in the Layout Editor and saved a layout with either nothing in it or your layout items are too small to print anything useful.

    Simply choose another layout and your Preview will work again.

  • Does BeadTool generate word charts?

    Yes. BeadTool 4 will generate word charts for all stitches except Right Angle Weave

  • Why does my pattern print in black and white?

    You're out of color ink. If it prints all blue, you're out of black ink.