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A collection of frequently asked questions
  • Does BeadTool work with an iPad?

    BeadTool is not compatible with iOS (iPad or iPhone) and there are currently no plans to develop BeadTool on that platform due to Apple's totalitarian iOS ecosystem.

    There may be an Android version one day.

  • How do I email my pattern to someone?

    There are two ways to email your pattern to someone and each way depends on what you want them to do with it once it's received.

    If you just want to show them what you've created:

    1. In BeadTool, click File->Export->Pattern from the main menu
    2. Adjust the patterns properties until you get the desired image
    3. Click the Export button
    4. In the Save dialog, choose the name and type of file you want to save it to
    5. Save it to an easily accessible place (ie: your Desktop)
    6. Attach the file in an email

    Hint: PNG format gives the best quality image and JPG gives the smallest file size

    If the recipient has BeadTool and you'd like them to edit the pattern:

    1. Click the Browse button on the main toolbar
    2. Navigate to the pattern you'd like to send
    3. Right-click on the file and select the Save to option
    4. Save the file to an easily accessible place (your Desktop)
    5. Attach the file in an email
  • Where is the End User License Agreement?

    End User License Agreement

    The BeadTool program available for download from the web site is governed by this license agreement. By purchasing a license, installing the software, or any update to it, you agree to the terms posted on this web site and in this document at the time you install the software or make any payments towards the purchase of any software license from this website.

    This program and its intellectual property are protected by United States Copyright Law. This software program is licensed, not sold.

    This means you are free to use the software on a maximum of 2 computers per licensee, and to make archival backups for your personal use. Each person who wishes to use the full version of the software must purchase their own license.

    You may not lend, lease, rent or sell this software program or its components. If a purchased license key is given to any party other than the purchaser without prior consent from the author, the customer forfeits all rights to software use, customer support and any future updates.

    ALL files contained within the software package, including but not limited to palettes, layouts and patterns contain copyrighted information. Permission to copy, transfer, reverse engineer, decrypt or utilize for any purpose other than to make full use of the BeadTool application for any reason is hereby denied.


    I will never give or sell to any third party any personal information collected without your consent unless required to do so by law. I respect your privacy and will protect it to the same extent I protect my own valuable information.


    In no event shall I or anybody associated with the development, publishing or licensing of this program be liable for incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages, loss of profits, revenue, data, or cost of cover.

    Policy Statement

    These are my current policies - I am free to change these at any time by posting changes to this web site. Note that the privacy statement is part of the license agreement above, and as such the terms in effect as described for the license govern privacy issues. This prevents me from changing the privacy policy except when you obtain an update or download of the product.


    Downloadable evaluation versions of the software are provided with limited features so that you may make an informed decision as to the suitability of the software for your use. Therefore, refunds will not be offered after the software has been Activated on any computer.

    After completing your purchase, you will receive all the information you need to convert the program to fully-authorized status via email.


    Support is available at no additional cost either by email or an online support forum. Technical support will be provided for all versions of the software to first-party licensees provided that I remain in business. I reserve the right to abstain from fixing bugs, revise, or update product versions.

    Software Updates

    Updates are periodically released for software that is currently supported and are made available via web download. It is recommended that you keep your installation current to make processing certain support requests possible.

    Free updates are included for licensed copies of the software until the Major version number exceeds the one you originally purchased. So if you purchased version 4.0.0, updates will be free up to version 4.9.999.

    Modified on Nov 24 2020

  • Where is the documentation?

    Written documentation is included with every BeadTool distribution. Just click Help->Documentation from BeadTool's main menu.

    If you click Help->Documentation within the BeadTool application and nothing happens, it probably means that you don't have Adobe Reader or similar PDF reader installed. Adobe Reader can be downloaded here.

    There are also some informative video tutorials here

  • Why are the bead descriptions different than my favorite vendors descriptions?

    Bead names are not assigned by the manufacturer. The beads are given descriptions by a vendor or palette author to describe a particular bead. Therefore, some descriptions will vary from vendor to vendor.

    What you might call brown I may call chocolate, brunette or mahogany. Just because the description of the color is different doesn't necessarily mean that BeadTool's palette or the vendor is wrong. It's just a name given to the bead to try and further describe the characteristics of a particular bead.

  • Why can't I see the instructional videos?

    If you can't see any of the instructional videos, you really need to step out of the 90's and download a modern web browser!

  • What does ShellExecuteEx failed code 2 mean?

    When installing software on your Windows computer, you must run the installer as an Administrator. To do that, right-click on the BeadTool installer and select the Run as Administrator option.

    If you are receiving this error while updating the software, you'll need to download and install the software from here instead of through the built-in updater.

  • Why are some beads missing from my palette?

    There are multiple reasons why you aren't seeing a specific bead or group of beads.

    You may have told BeadTool not to display them
    1. Run BeadTool and click View->Options (BeadTool4->Preferences for Mac)
    2. Select the Palette tab.
    3. Ensure that all Types and Finishes are enabled.
    4. Click the Save button and re-check your palette.
    You may have told BeadTool not to use them when transferring photos
    1. Run BeadTool and open a Picture to transfer
    2. Click the Transfer button
    3. In the Transfer dialog, select the Filters tab
    4. Check to see if the Types and Finishes settings are impeding the use of the beads in question
    Those beads may be missing from the palette

    If you have enabled all the Types and Finishes in the first 2 scenarios and the beads are still not showing, those beads are missing.

  • How do I create a PDF on macOS?

    Creating PDFs on macOS

    macOS has PDF functionality built into the operating system and is located in the Print dialog.

    1. Run BeadTool and load a pattern
    2. Click the Preview button and select a layout
    3. Click the Print button

    At the bottom of the Print dialog that pops up, there's a button that says PDF.

    1. Click the PDF button and select "Save as PDF".
  • What if I can't find the answer to my question?

    The Help Center is just a collection of frequently asked questions. I'm always ready to help with any issues or questions you may have.

    If you can't find the answers you're looking for, please feel free to contact me any time.