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A collection of frequently asked questions
  • How do I install BeadTool onto a second computer?

    The process is the same as the first time you installed the software except that you'll be doing it from the 2nd computer:

    1. Download BeadTool from here
    2. Install the software and run it
    3. Click Help->Registration from BeadTool's main menu
    4. Type your email address and password
    5. Click the Activate button

    You will probably want to transfer the patterns from your old computer to your new one. Step-by-step instructions for that are here.

    NOTE: Although the license agreement states that you may install the software on up to 2 computers, sharing your license violates the software's License Agreement. Each person who uses the software should pay for their own license.

  • What operating systems does BeadTool run on?

    BeadTool is compatible with Windows and MacOS computers.

    When in doubt, simply download and install the software onto your computer to see if it works. If you have a computer made within the last 10 years, you shouldn't have any problems.

    Windows Versions Supported

    Both 32 and 64 bit are supported on all Windows versions

    • Windows XP (GDI+ required)
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 11 (with S mode disabled) more info

    Mac OS X Versions Supported

    64 bit Intel architecture only

    • MacOS 10.10
    • MacOS 10.11
    • MacOS 10.12
    • MacOS 10.13
    • MacOS 10.14
    • MacOS 10.15
    • MacOS 11 may work but is not officially supported


    Will not work on the following operating systems

    • Android
    • iOS (iPad, iPhone)
    • Linux
    • Windows 8 RT (ARM processor tablets)
    • Chromebook

    BeadTool may be available for Android tablets in the future

  • How do I update the software?

    Updating Software

    There are two ways to update the software

    1. BeadTool automatically checks for updates every day that you use the software. If there is an update, the software will give you the option to download and install it. You can also click Help->Online->Check for updates from the main menu.
    2. If you are having problems getting the update from within the software, you can always download the latest version from the download page
  • If I uninstall beadtool4 and reinstall will I loose all of my patterns?

    No. Your library is saved in a safe place on your computer and the Uninstaller does not remove anything from that location.

    However, if you use any kind of cleaning program, that program may delete your Library if you have uninstalled BeadTool.

    The best practice is to backup your BeadTool Library regularly.