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  • How do I activate BeadTool on my new computer?

    Software Activation

    If you still have the original email that you received after purchasing a license, just download the software from the website again and follow the instructions detailed in that email.

    If you no longer have the original email and you still use the same email address, you can retrieve your password by visiting the Password page.

    If you have changed your email address, please contact support so we can get it sorted.

  • How do I install BeadTool onto a second computer?

    The process is the same as the first time you installed the software except that you'll be doing it from the 2nd computer:

    1. Download BeadTool from here
    2. Install the software and run it
    3. Click Help->Registration from BeadTool's main menu
    4. Type your email address and password
    5. Click the Activate button

    NOTE: Although the license agreement states that you may install the software on up to 2 computers, sharing your license violates the software's License Agreement. Each person who uses the software should pay for their own license.

  • I've activated the software but it still won't let me print or save. Why?

    BeadTool won't save an empty pattern.

    As soon as you put at least one bead into your pattern the Save & Preview buttons will become enabled in the toolbar.

  • How do I add text and letters to my pattern?

    Adding Text to Your Pattern

    To add letters and text to your pattern, follow these steps:

    1. Click Pattern->Add text from the main menu.
    2. Type the text you want to add into the Text field.
    3. Optionally choose a font and size.
    4. Click the Add button.
    5. The text is now in the clipboard. Drag the text to where you want it in your pattern.
    6. Click Edit->Paste from the main menu.
    7. Click anywhere outside the selection to discard the contents of the clipboard.

    There is also an instructional video that shows you how to do it here.

  • How do I backup my BeadTool files and settings?

    Backup your BeadTool files and settings

    1. Windows: Click View->Options from the main menu and select the Library tab
    2. Mac: Click BeadTool4->Preferences from the main menu and select the Library tab
    3. Click the Backup Now button and save the database anywhere you like

    Restore a previous backup

    1. Windows: Click View->Options from the main menu and select the Library tab
    2. Mac: Click BeadTool4->Preferences from the main menu and select the Library tab
    3. Click the Restore button and open your backup file
  • How many computers can I install BeadTool on?

    The license agreement states that the purchaser is entitled to install and activate BeadTool on up to 2 computers per purchase. Licenses are intended to be used by the original purchaser with the exception of a gift purchase.

  • How do I replace all beads of a certain color in my pattern?

    There are a couple of ways to do this.

    The easiest is to drag a bead from your Palette, Quick Palette or Bead List onto the bead you want to replace in your pattern. Doing this will replace all occurrences of that bead in your pattern with the one you dropped onto it.

    There is also a video that demonstrates how to do this on the Learn page of the website.

  • Why doesn't copy and paste work?

    Copy and paste works slightly different than some other graphics applications you may be used to.

    With BeadTool, if you don't see the copied selection, it doesn't exist. For example:

    Other graphics programs

    1. Select the area you want to copy
    2. Copy
    3. Paste
    4. Move to desired location

    BeadTool copy and paste

    1. Select the area you want to copy
    2. Copy
    3. Move to the desired location
    4. Paste

    There is a video that will demonstrate how to copy and paste here.

  • My photo transfers are not coming out very well. What can I do?

    There are a few variables that determine the outcome of a photo transfer. The main one is the photo you're using. Some photos will transfer with no problems and others won't transfer well at all no matter what you do.

    Here are a few pointers to help with transferring those tough photos:

    Filter Your Palette

    BeadTool lets you choose what types of beads you're willing to work with. When transferring those tough photos it can be helpful to eliminate certain kinds of beads.

    1. Run BeadTool and load your photo
    2. Prepare and position the photo as desired
    3. Click the Transfer button on the toolbar
    4. Select the Filters tab in the Transfer dialog

    In the Show these types section, uncheck the following:

    • Transparent
    • Copper Lined
    • Silver Lined
    • Gold Lined

    In the Show these finishes section, uncheck the following:

    • Luster
    • Metallic
    • Metallic AB

    Adjust Your Photo

    Sometimes it helps if you lighten or darken your photo before starting your transfer.

    1. Set up your patterns size, stitch and choose a palette
    2. Load the photo you want to use and move/stretch/shrink it as needed
    3. Click Picture->Adjust Colors from the main menu
    4. Increase or decrease the brightness and/or saturation as needed
    5. Transfer your photo by clicking the Transfer button on the toolbar

    Transfer Settings

    Experiment with different transfer settings. If you are new to transferring, check the video here.

    • Usually 32 colors is more than enough to get a good transfer
    • Be sure you are working with a full stock palette instead of a custom one.
    • Switch the transfer Method to Popularity if Nearest Color isn't producing good results.
    • Sampling can play a small role in transfers. Experiment with lower values.

    When All Else Fails

    If you're still not getting good transfers after playing with the above settings, you may need to re-take the photo or edit the photo in a professional photo editor.

  • Why does it keep telling me that my password is incorrect?

    Brace yourself! The sole reason for seeing this message is because you've simply entered the wrong password. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive. passwordXYZ is not the same as PasswordXYZ.

    Also, some letters may look the same as others depending on the font. For instance: I (eye) could look like a 1 (the number one) or l (a lowercase L).